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A New Beginning…

I don’t even know where to begin!  I just had the amazing experience of going to an amazing workshop put on by Abbey Kyhl of AK Studio and Design. It was honestly an answer to my prayers and a solution to my worries about my photography business.  Although I have spent the last two years learning about photography and how to take beautiful pictures, no one ever taught me how to run my business. I was getting sucked in, spending too much time at the computer, editing, sorting, ordering, etc. I hated when my husband would go to bed without me or come down and say, “Kayleigh…please come to bed.”  He knew I was overworked but missed his time with me. After I had my baby, I knew something HAD to change.  No way was I going to be stuck at the computer when I have my little boy to take care of.  I was overwhelmed. I was worried. I was stressed. I was even contemplating quitting.  The business side was sucking the love and life I had for photography. I knew that if I was going to keep heading in that direction, that it was going to be a thing of the past.

I’m so grateful that I stumbled upon Abbey.  She had done a wedding of a friend and I loved her work.  When she said she was doing a workshop in April, I was so sad I couldn’t go because I had just had my baby and I honestly didn’t know if photography was in my future. But when she announced she was doing another in September, I was ecstatic.  I knew I had to go! I’m SO glad that I did!!

Photography is my Business…NOT my Passion

I hope you aren’t too turned off by that. Let me explain.  I LOVE photography.  I love that it allows me to be creative, I love that it let’s me put a smile on people’s faces and I love that I can inspire others. While I love all that, I love my family and the time I spend with them so much more.  THEY are my passion.  I never want photography to ever be in the way. I know that when you make right choices and you choose your family and those ideals first, that you will be blessed.  It’s a big part of my LDS faith and a large part in my life.

Abbey helped me see the light! She had so many amazing tips on how to simplify your business and even your life.

 She taught us about different programs to help run our business more smoothly and how to find our ideal clients.  I have had so many frustrations with this business but I am now able to see how I can make it work and how I can love what I do even more. I love capturing moments and getting to know my clients on a personal level. I feel confident in know where I would like to be in the future and feel like I got a “jump to the front” pass. I believe that this workshop can really be for anyone with a business.  Especially those entrepreneur moms.  I can’t wait to implement her tips, steps and ideas into my business.  Be on the lookout for BIG changes to come.  This is a new beginning for Kayleigh Searle Photography!

Enough with the sap. 🙂 So here are all the juicy details! This workshop was in the beautiful land of St. George, Utah.  I love it there. We were spoiled with food and snacks all day.  When we arrived, we each got goodie boxes full of everything we would need for the weekend and some fun Baby Lips (chapstick folks) and a super cute necklace.  Then we jumped in. We were non stop learning all afternoon. Later that evening, we headed out to a beautiful styled shoot. The couple was so cute and SO photogenic.  Photographers dream clients! Here is a sneak peek (I will be doing a full post soon!):


After the shoot, we headed out to a YUMMY dinner at Bucca Di Beppo. If you haven’t eaten there, you should. Not only is it yummy food, but it’s the coolest environment and super fun. Perfect for big groups!

The next day was all learning and all awesome. We had more amazing catered food. I just love food….what can I say! It was all yummy!

The next day, we asked Abbey any questions we had and pried her for all her secrets 😉 She is just an awesome lady and so real. I really understand her and felt like we are so alike.  It was nice to see someone else had had the same feelings I had had about photography and it’s SO kind of her to share her success and tips with others! I have developed friendships with the other photographers and we help each other out.  I love that we are all working together to help one another out and to be excited about each persons success.

If you are a photographer, stay-at-home working momma or just someone who would like to know how to better run your life and your business, I HIGHLY recommend the Behind the Screen Workshop. I would go back every time if I could.

So many thanks to all the amazing people who worked so hard to put this workshop together:

Middle Aisle Wedding Design & Planning
AK Studio & Design
A. Green Videography
The Falls Event Center
Bloomers Floral
Sweet Cakes By Karen
Rent Me
Jacki Miller Design
Julie Thomas Hair & Makeup

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More to come 🙂
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